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WildSmiles Braces are made with high quality stainless steel  and have designer shaped bases. The designer WildSmiles  braces offer patients original style when braces are needed.  Combine with colored elastics for a truly custom brace experience!

Quick Answers to Common Questions:

Will WildSmiles change my treatment process?
No. WildSmiles will not change the time, quality, or comfort of your treatment.  At an initial consultation, Dr. Dunegan will develop a customized treatment plan based on your needs. WildSmiles is simply an aesthetic enhancement to traditional braces and can be used in all treatment plans. Once treatment is complete, WildSmiles are removed like traditional braces and reveal your beautiful new smile!

What is the primary benefit of WildSmiles? 
Individual choice! WildSmiles make braces treatment unique to you and and are the only brackets that give a choice in the appearance of your smile during your time in braces. It’s this choice that often eases the mind of younger patients and creates excitement when showing off their braces to friends and family.

Why choose WildSmiles for treatment?
WildSmiles are DesignerBraces! Our office is committed to providing a fun, stylish and responsible treatment option for patients. WildSmiles proven bracket offers you the same confidence in treatment as the traditional braces, but with an aesthetic focus. Along with Dr. Dunegan, WildSmiles create the beautiful smile you want and deserve.

With traditional metal braces, that’s all you get – metal braces. With WildSmiles, you can choose your favorite shape and mix the brackets with colored elastics for added individuality and a completely custom experience.

Design Your Smile! Click below to use our smile design feature to create your personal smile!

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